Packaging for the confectionery industry

Our offer includes plastic packaging that has been designed and created especially for the confectionery industry. At the factory in Chełmek, we create products that are safe in contact with food. Our packaging and trays meet all European standards and are certified with the Hygiene Management System in the production of packaging for food products. If you are looking for packaging for cookies, bars or chocolates that will be durable, and at the same time resistant to cracking and breaking - you've come to the right place.

We create packaging that has a very high migration resistance in contact with food with a high fat content. Thanks to this, both the trays and containers remain stable and rigid, which reduces the risk of foreign matter in the food to a minimum. In the food industry, especially in the one related to sweets, it is very important that the product is both safe and aesthetic.

Our offer includes packaging that is appealing for confectionery, not only technically, but also visually. We can make products in any color you choose and with your company's logo. The customer will be pleased and enchanted by the aesthetics of the packaging, and the logotype that will make you more visible on the market.

Are you looking for packaging for your confectionery products?

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